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  • Cranberry-Dijon Mixed Green Salad with Rosemary Lemon Salt

    No dinner table is complete without a salad! Our Rosemary Lemon Infused Salt delivers a light zest of flavor that perfectly complements the tang of the mustard and cranberries. This recipe uses Big Rock Bleu cheese from Fromagio’s, but feel free to use your favorite variety of crumbly cheese.


    • 1 16 oz. package of mixed greens
    • 1⁄2 red onion, thinly sliced
    • 1 package cherry tomatoes, halved
    • 1⁄4 lb Bleu Cheese
    • 2 pears, cubed
    • 1/3 cup dried cranberries (optional)


    • 1 tbsp shallot, minced
    • 1⁄2 clove of fresh garlic
    • 1 tbsp dijon mustard
    • 3 tbsps cranberry sauce
    • 1⁄2 tsp PWS Rosemary Lemon Infused Salt
    • 5 tbsps olive oil
    • 2 tsps apple cider vinegar (ACV)
    1. Add the shallot, garlic, oil, mustard, ACV, salt, mustard and cranberry sauce to a blender. Blitz until well combined.
    2. Just before you’re ready to serve toss together your greens, onion, tomato, cheese and pears. Add your dressing little by little until the desired amount is achieved. One last toss and you’re ready to serve!


  • Herbed Rice Stuffing with Rosemary Lemon Salt

    Perfect for guests who may be wheat or gluten sensitive. Simple herbs flavor this dish and make it the perfect accompaniment to any kind of Turkey preparation, whether it be baked, smoked or grilled. Sprinkle in some nuts or dried cranberries to add a little pop of color and texture complex to your dish.


    • 2 cups long grain rice
    • 5 stalks of celery
    • 1 small-medium butternut squash, cubed
    • 1⁄2 yellow onion
    • 1 tbsp Dill
    • 1 tbsp parsley
    • 1 tsp oregano
    • 1⁄2 tsp cardamom
    • 3 cloves garlic
    • 1 1⁄2 tsp PWS Rosemary Lemon Infused Sea Salt
    • 24-32 oz. Chicken Stock
    1. In a 3-4 qt saute pan, brown your spices in the olive oil on medium heat.
    2. After a minute or two add in the onion, garlic, squash and celery. Next mix in the rice and herbs and allow it to soak up a bit of the moisture released from the vegetables.
    3. Lastly, add in the chicken stock and allow to simmer for about 12-15 minutes. If you desire to stuff your Turkey prior to cooking, leave the rice slightly “crunchy”. If not, continue to cook, adding more stock if desired until your rice is tender.
    4. Remove from heat and sprinkle with herbs.
  • Turtle Cheesecake with Alder Smoked Salt and Bourbon Caramel

    Cheesecake is without a doubt, one of the more involved preparations for a dessert. It’s difficult to make one from start to finish a single day, but all the best things take time and effort. Although that’s true, feel free to make this tasty caramel and drizzle it on whatever you like if you’re in a time crunch. The depth of flavor created by the smoked salt and bourbon is the perfect addition to an affogato dessert, brownies, or a standalone turtle of course!



    • 4 8-oz. blocks of cream cheese, room temperature 1 cup sour cream, room temperature
    • 3 eggs, room temperature
    • 1 cup sugar
    • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
    • Juice of half a lemon
    • 12 oz. Biscoff cookies
    • 6 tbsp. melted butter
    • 1 tsp vanilla
    • 1⁄4 cup sugar
    • 1⁄2 cup chopped pecans
    • Chocolate sauce, (either homemade or store bought is okay!)

    Caramel sauce

    • 1 cup sugar
    • 5 tbsp butter
    • 1⁄2 cup double cream
    • 2 tsp PWS Alder Smoked Sea Salt
    • 2-3 tbsp. Bourbon
    1. To prepare your pan, you’ll need a 9” springform pan, tin foil and a roasting dish. Start by wrapping your springform pan with tin foil, this will help with even heat distribution around the pan while the cake bakes. Once this is complete place your springform dish aside to fill with your crust. Make sure you have an oven rack positioned in the center of the oven and preheat the oven to 350°F.
    2. In a 2 qt saucepan warm the sugar on medium heat. As it begins to melt, keep an eye on the pan as things will start to happen quickly. The sugar may clump up, but continue to stirring, you’re on the right track!
    3. When the clumps have dissolved, remove the pan from heat and whisk in the butter. Once the butter has been mixed in, pour in the cream, then salt, then bourbon respectively. Give it a quick taste to make sure it is flavors are balanced to your desired intensity. Allow to cool.
    4. In a food processor, grind your cookies to a crumb. You can achieve the same result by placing them in a gallon sized ziplock baggie and rolling them with a rolling pin if you do not have a food processor. Once the cookies are ground, transfer to a mixing bowl and add in the melted butter, vanilla and sugar. Mix until well combined.
    5. Fill your springform pan with the crumb crust mix and tamp it down in an even layer. Spread the chopped pecans across the bottom. Drizzle caramel the top of the pecans, ~ 1⁄2 cup. Drizzle chocolate sauce over top as well and place the prepared springform pan in the roasting dish. Boil a full kettle of water.
    6. Prepare a stand mixer or handheld electric mixer with beater attachments. First cream together the cream cheese and sugar. When well combined, add in sour cream, lemon juice and vanilla respectively. Lastly, beat in eggs one at a time until well combined.

    Tip: It’s very easy to overmix a cheesecake filling and when you do, its grounds for bubbling and cracking at the top once it’s in the oven. Since all of your ingredients are room temperature, everything should combine very easily. Try to have all your ingredients ready to go to add one after the other, further preventing overmixing!

    7. Pour the filling over top of the crust and pecans that you prepared previously and level everything out with a spatula. Pour the whole kettle of boiling water into the roasting pan and place the entire pan with the cheesecake in the oven to bake.

    1. The cheesecake will bake for approximately 45 minutes – an hour. Once the cake finishes, it will not be completely solid. When you tap the side of the pan, there should be a “collective wobble”, rather than several “jiggles” in the filling. When you achieve this, turn the oven off, and vent the door to allow the cheesecake to begin cooling slowly.
    2. After about an hour, remove the cake from the water bath and allow the cake to cool down to room temperature. When room temperature is achieved, remove the cake from the pan and allow it to fully set in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight.
    3. Once your cake is set, it’ll be ready to decorate! Feel free to get creative with the design of your toppings using pecans, chocolate, and remaining caramel sauce for the prefect turtle interpretation. Finish with a little sprinkle of smoked salt right on top of your cake, I promise you, it’s delicious! Your cake will keep for about 3-4 days after preparation.
  • Singled Potatoes with Rosemary Lemon Salt


    3-4 Yukon Gold Potatoes 3-4 Red Potatoes
    2-3 small Sweet Potatoes 5 tbsps. Olive Oil

    2 1⁄2 tsp PWS Rosemary Lemon Salt, set aside 1⁄2 tsp for cheese sauce 1 tsp ground pepper
    2 springs fresh thyme
    2 sprigs fresh rosemary

    4 oz. shredded gouda 1⁄2 cup evaporated milk 1⁄2 cup flour
    1 tsp garlic powder


    1. Prepare a 9×5 baking dish by greasing it with butter or oil. Preheat the oven to 350°F.
    2. Thinly slice potatoes. This can be done with a mandolin or food processor.
    3. Toss slices in oil, infused salt, pepper, and fresh herbs. Allow to rest.
    4. To prepare the cheese sauce, heat the butter in a saucepan and allow the butter to color a bit. To the brown butter, gradually whisk in flour until thoroughly combined, then add in the milk.
    5. Remove saucepan from heat and add in remaining infused salt and garlic powder. Stir in the shredded cheese until thoroughly combined.
    1. Begin to arrange potato slices in a linear fashion in the dish. Once the first layer is complete, evenly pour a portion of the cheese sauce over the potatoes. Repeat  until you have used most all of your potato slices (about three layers).
    2. Coat the top of the potatoes with grated cheese and or herbs and allow bake for approximately 45 minutes. Your final product should be bubbling with cheesy goodness and slightly browned on top.


  • Love Potion (number 907)


    • 3 oz Gin
    • 1 oz Lime Juice (fresh squeezed preferred)
    • 1 oz St Germain (or elderflower syrup/liquor)
    • 6 oz Rose Champagne
    • 2-3 drops Cocktail Eleven


    It’s valentines day! The perfect opportunity for mixing up something pink with someone you love. We’re claiming this love potion for the 907 with our Alaskan gin from Anchorage Distillery and the addition of our Prince William Sound cocktail saline.

    Making your cocktail

    In your cocktail shaker, combine gin, St. Germain and lime juice with ice. Shake it, shake it, shake it!

    Add a cube or two of ice to your glass (depending on it’s size) and strain your shaker over it. Add 2-3 drops Cocktail Eleven and give a gentle stir

    Top your drink with sparkling rose (or whatever bubble you prefer – the rose gives it a lovely color – but if all you have on hand is Kirkland Prosecco – that will do the trick!)


    Note: Cocktail Eleven improves this drink by helping the co2 release more rapidly from your bubbles. It also brightens the lime and tones down the bitter edge of the gin.

  • Basil Grapefruit Martini


    • 2 oz Deep Eddy Grapefruit Vodka
    • 2 oz Grapefruit Juice (ruby red preferred)
    • 1/4 oz St Germain (or simple syrup)
    • 2-3 Basil Leaves
    • 1/4 of a Lime
    • 2 drops Cocktail Eleven


    So this is my re-creation of one of the most mouthwatering cocktails I’ve been served in bar. I was traveling home from my brother’s wedding in Colorado – just killing time with my siblings before heading to the airport. We found this adorable bar by the train station and I was blown away by the drinks. This was my favorite by far, so I had to figure it out.   

    Making your cocktail

    Start by muddling fresh basil leaves,  1/4 of a lime and St. Germain (or simple syrup) in a shaker. Really get into it. The more you muddle the more flavor you’ll release from the basil and lime. Plus, it’s good therapy.

    Add ice, Deep Eddy, grapefruit juice to your shaker – and give it 30 seconds or so of good shaking. You want to chill it really well but not water it down.

    Strain into your martini glass – add 2-3 drops Cocktail Eleven and give a gentle stir, and a basil leaf, or a little wedge of grapefruit for garnish.

    Note: Cocktail Eleven improves this cocktail by bringing out the citrus flavors and toning down the bitter edge of the grapefruit

  • Clementine French 75


    • 1 oz Gin
    • 1 oz fresh squeezed clementine (or orange) juice
    • 1/2 oz simple syrup (or St. Germain)
    • 2 drops Cocktail Eleven
    • Prosecco or Bubbles to top (2-3 oz)


    The French 75 is traditionally made with Lemon juice – which is also lovely! But as a new year tradition, we always find ourselves with lots of clementine oranges around – so here’s a fun way to make sure those oranges get used up!

    Making your cocktail

    Fill a cocktail shaker with ice – then add your gin, juice, simple syrup and cocktail eleven.

    Shake vigorously ~30 seconds

    Strain into your glass and top with your bubbles and a twist of your citrus peel or wedge of clementine. Cheers with a friend and enjoy!

  • The Negroni


    • 1 oz Gin
    • 1 oz Campari
    • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
    • Twist of Orange
    • 2 drops Cocktail Eleven


    The Negroni is an Italian cocktail that we were introduced to this year – by our Italian neighbor. It sounds fancy – so you can impress your friends with this literally impossible to mess up drink.

    Making your cocktail

    Start by tempering your ice. This also sounds fancy, but really, it just means get your ice out of the freezer about 10 minutes before you want to make your drink. This helps prevent the cube from cracking when you pour your liquids over it. When your ice cracks, it melts faster – and no one wants a diluted drink!

    Pour equal parts Campari, Gin and Sweet Vermouth over your ice. Add 2 drops cocktail eleven, and stir for 20-30 seconds to chill.

    Twist your orange peel until it spritzes. Rub it peel side around your glass (this makes it smell amazing), then pop it into your drink

    Note: You want a sweet style vermouth for this drink – our favorite is Carpano Antica, which you can find at Costco!