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Cocktail What?

Your taste buds are complicated. But scientists know that salt has this amazing ability to improve flavors for all areas - not just the "salty" taste buds. Salt smooths out bitterness, it makes citrus pop, it stimulates your salivary glands so that you taste things more fully - and balances flavors in your mouth.

It just makes everything taste better.

This is the secret sauce to take your cocktails from a 10 to an Eleven - and it couldn't be easier. Just a couple drops from this bottle - a quick stir - and your cocktail will be infused with the elements your tongue needs to taste the flavors and subtleties of your craft cocktail.

Mix up your drink and take a sip. Then add a couple drops of cocktail eleven - stir - and take a second sip. You will not be disappointed

Needs some cocktail inspiration?

Researching drinks is a lot of work. We're here to help! Check out our cocktail recipe posts below for some ideas and inspiration! Don't forget to share them on social and tag @PWSSalt !

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