dial your drinks to an eleven

Cocktail What?

Your taste buds are complicated. But scientists know that salt has this amazing ability to improve flavors for all areas - not just the "salty" taste buds. Salt smooths out bitterness, it makes citrus pop, it stimulates your salivary glands so that you taste things more fully - and balances flavors in your mouth.

It just makes everything taste better.

This is the secret sauce to take your cocktails from a 10 to an Eleven - and it couldn't be easier. Just a couple drops from this bottle - a quick stir - and your cocktail will be infused with the elements your tongue needs to taste the flavors and subtleties of your craft cocktail.

Try it out!

Mix up your drink and take a sip. Then add a couple drops of cocktail eleven - stir - and take a second sip. You will not be disappointed

Needs some cocktail inspiration?

Researching drinks is a lot of work. We're here to help! Check out our cocktail recipe posts below for some ideas and inspiration! Don't forget to share them on social and tag @PWSSalt !

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