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Pure Flake Sea Salt

Sea salt in it’s purest form
This salt is the freshest, saltiest salt around.

$12 – 2 ounce jar
$7 – 1 ounce jar

Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt

Our Rosemary Lemon signature salt is one of our favorites – and is actually what launched our company!
Made with fresh rosemary and fresh lemon zest, the salt absorbs all the amazing flavors

Perfect on fish, chicken, veggies – or really – anything!

$12 – 2 ounce jar
$7 – 1 ounce jar

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

Our Roasted Garlic salt is a crowd favorite. Made from freshly roasted garlic with pure olive oil – we create a garlic sea salt paste then dry to perfection

There is nothing this salt doesn’t taste great on. It’s been known to elevate everything from a simple scrambled egg to stews, soups and meats

$12 – 2 ounce jar
$7 – 1 ounce jar

Flavor Sample Pack

Not sure what to try? Try all 3! Treat yourself to a 1/2 ounce of each of our signature flavors.